What is Teak Wood?

The Tectona grandis tree, which is indigenous to south and southeast Asia, is the source of teak wood, a dense, closely-grained kind of hardwood. Teak has a smooth grain and texture, and its natural hue is golden. It has a lot of natural oils and rubber, making it tough, long-lasting, and almost immune to rotting even if left untreated.

Teak wood is a high-quality wood that comes in shades of brown and white-yellowish. Because of the high silica content and interlaced interior grains, the edges are blunt. The marine industry's primary raw material is this type of wood. Due to its high oil content, it was mostly used to construct yachts because it did not absorb water.

What kind of tree produces teak? 

The teak tree, or Tectona grandis, is the source of teak. A tall, deciduous tree called Tectona grandis can be found throughout south and southeast Asia. Teak, which can reach a height of 50 metres and has a lifespan of 100 years, is prized for its lovely colour and grain, longevity, strength, and resistance to splitting, cracking, termites, fungus, and weathering.

Is teak wood a hard wood?

The Janka Wood Hardness Scale measures the force required to embed an 11.28mm/0.444in steel ball into wood in order to assess the hardness of the material. Teak has a Janka grade of 1000-1155, making it harder than mahogany, white pine, chestnut, poplar, and poplar on this scale.

Is teak resilient?

One of the hardest woods is often cited as being teak. Teak is dense, robust, and nearly immune to rotting because to its close grain and high mineral and natural oil content.

How durable is teak furniture? 

Your teak furniture should endure 50 to 70 years, or even longer with the right conditions and upkeep. Did you realise that some of the teak park benches in Britain are almost a century old? Teak has great strength and durability, which contribute to its long lifespan. Even without treatments or preservatives, teak ages nicely and can resist all weather extremes.

You may anticipate teak furniture to last forever if you use it indoors.

Uses of Teak Wood

The best uses for teak wood are outdoors. Even when exposed to rain and sun, outdoor teak furniture typically lasts for 70 years or longer. It lasts significantly longer indoors.

Teak is a costly option for decking outside, but builders utilise it to make deck railings. Teak is the ideal wood to use if you want to construct your own furniture because it is used to make the majority of wooden outdoor furniture. Although its high silica content quickly degrades saw blades, it is simple to cut. 

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